Lessons are available to students of all ages and skill-levels.  Overland Park Golf Courses, Sykes/Lady and St. Andrews, boast state of the art practice facilities in both indoor and outdoor environments.  Coach Mo employs a wide range of technologies, video, and teaching aids - all of which can be accessed and saved on her mobile app for you to review when training on your own. 

Individual Lessons

30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes

Group Lessons

Every season, Mo and her staff at Overland Park Golf offer a variety of clinics.  Click for more info:
Are you game?

For students with tenacity and a strong level of commitment, Coach Mo will work with you to develop a complete plan involving body, mind, and game. 

Game: While working on your game, may seem obvious, Mo believes that there's more to a swing than mimicking  mechanics. To develop a successful plan, you need to address your physical as well as mental talents.

Body: As a Titleist Performance Institute certified professional, Mo will help you understand what's possible for your body by starting with a complete assessment.

Mind: Every shot is the result of a list of decisions, from weather, to course management, to competitive pressure. Mo will help you develop the mental game necessary for success when it really counts.