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Lessons are available to students of all ages and skill-levels.  Oakwood Country Club is building a state-of-the-art Golf Performance Center which will have all of the latest technology available, including Swing Catalyst video software force/motion plates, Trackman launch monitors and course simulation and a SAM putting lab. Along with the 6-bay building, Oakwood has created a Short Game Enhancement Center to accommodate all shots within 75 yards of a green. In addition to their large undulating practice green, they also built an 18-hole putting course!
Needless to say, Maureen is beyond grateful to coach her students in the best learning environment in the region.

Individual Lesson Prices

Oakwood Member

60 minute : $150

45 minute : $110

30 minute : $75


60 minute : $200

45 minute : $150

30 minute : $100

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Are you game?

For students with tenacity and a strong level of commitment, Coach Mo will work with you to develop a complete plan involving body, mind, and game. 

Game: While working on your game, may seem obvious, Mo believes that there's more to a swing than mimicking mechanics. To develop a successful plan, you need to address your physical as well as mental talents.

Body: As a Titleist Performance Institute certified professional, Mo will help you understand what's possible for your body by starting with a complete assessment.

Mind: Every shot is the result of a list of decisions, from weather to course management, to competitive pressure. Mo will help you develop the mental game necessary for success when it really counts. 

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